Now 5-years-old, the venerable International Paper “kids” campaign keeps evolving. “It started as a brand campaign, but people recognize [the black-and-white spots] now,” says Raul Pina, creative director at Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG in New York. “Since we began injecting products into the spots, it’s become more difficult. How do you use products and not make the kids look like shills?” He answers his own question: “We looked back at the [original] branding work and tried to maintain that integrity.” In “Global,” a boy named Dan “shills” for a cardboard box used to ship fruit around the world, keeping it fresh and unbruised. To punctuate the point, the spot literally tosses fruit all over the map—a peach to New Zealand, a kiwi to the Philippines, a coconut to Brazil and a mango back to Dan in America. Barely mentioning the product, the commercial instead focuses on the kids and the exotic produce. Although the sense and feel is global, the ad—with its simple backgrounds and first-rate editing—was filmed in North Carolina. Are the kids really children of International Paper employees? “Absolutely,” Pina says. “[Purchase, N.Y.-based] International Paper is a huge company. When we make a casting call, people send in tapes of their kids from everywhere.”