Jammed Up In The District

The Virginia Department of Transportation is looking for an agency to help lessen traffic congestion in the metro Washington, D.C., area.
Siddall, Matus & Coughter in Richmond, Va., is the incumbent on the account, which is up for mandatory review, according to VDOT representative Joan Morris.
During its tenure, Siddall assisted with the successful opening of HOV lanes and developed the Guaranteed Ride Home program for carpoolers, Morris said.
D.C. commuters spend an average of 70 hours annually in traffic jams, said Morris, making the area the second most traffic-clogged U.S. city behind San Bernardino, Calif., with 76 hours per driver per year.
“It’s all about moving people, not cars,” she said, adding that agencies within a 150-mile radius of Richmond would be considered.
The new one-year contract-with a 1998 budget of $540,000, per Morris-is renewable for four additional years.
Richmond-based VDOT hosted a pre-bid meeting last Friday. Proposals are due Nov. 4; a decision is expected before Jan. 1.
At press time, Siddall had not decided whether it would defend the business.
-Katy Eckmann