Jam3 Turns Crazy Marketer Ideas Into Digital Reality

Uses cutting-edge technology to help consumers tell brand stories


Who (l. to r.) Mark McQuillan, co-founder and technical director; co-founders and creative directors Adrian Belina and Pablo Vio

What Digital design and development

Where Toronto

When Publicis and Orange came up with the idea of speaking to your future self to celebrate the telecom’s 20th anniversary, it called Jam3 to help make it reality. Since time travel hasn’t yet been invented, the Toronto-based shop came up with #FutureSelf, which digitally aged users’ pictures 20 years using facial-motion software, then allowed them to talk to their future selves using Speech API. Jam3 has won more than $6 million in billings by inventing clever ways to create immersive experiences using experimental technology. Projects have ranged from the test drive of a Toyota Corolla using a mobile device to the Visa Infinite Story Booth, which had Toronto International Film Festival attendees create fictional stories based on statements made by the person before them. "We've kind of niched ourselves to being those guys who you come to when you have this crazy idea," said creative director Adrian Belina.