Jack in the Box “Bus”

What’s better than a Super Bowl spot featuring a bus crash? How about two of them? Some Super Bowl viewers were treated to two commercials revolving around bus accidents. One, a national spot for Doritos, showed a guy whose outrageous luck runs out with his bag of chips. And in local markets where Jack in the Box operates, viewers witnessed the chain’s mascot, the orb-headed chief executive character Jack get hit by a bus just as he is crossing “Hope” street.  In the spot, which only ran once on the game, he’s talking to an employee about how he can get the word out that all the food on the chain’s menu is available all day but before he can finish the bus hits him. Unlike the Doritos commercial, which gives viewers a happy ending by showing the Doritos customer alive on the windshield, the Jack spot leaves viewers hanging. “It’s not that bad,” the co-worker tells Jack as he lies in the street with cracks showing all over his head, and in the next breath tells emergency response on the telephone, “no it’s really bad I was just lying to him to cheer him up.” As sirens sound in the distance and a crowd gathers around him, the spot ends with the url hanginthere.com It’s there that the campaign fleshes out the rest of the story, where visitors can get updates about Jack, upload their get well wishes and see interviews with the colleague and bus driver. It’s a fun, smart way to extend the company’s Super Bowl buy well beyond the 30-seconds it paid for, but maybe all the chain needed to do was offer free food like Denny’s.--Eleftheria Parpis