jack of all trades

A couple of years back, Jack in the Box offered bendable Jack toys that had the chain’s enduring ad icon in surf, mountain climbing, scuba and luge gear. The chain even got some notable athletes and adventurers to carry the toys as they raced, surfed, climbed or even mushed across the snow. Surfer Jack, for example, was glued to the board of two-time U.S. surfing champion Rob Machado. Another rode with NHRA Funny Car champion John Force (shown here).

Last Friday, 11 of those autographed treasures were made available to the highest bidders on—where else?—eBay. Packaged with the figures are photos and other memorabilia.

The idea, says Jack spokesman Brian Luscomb, is to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. “We have seen how highly collectable these toys are and thought this would be a great way to raise money,” he said.

While most of the items were gladly volunteered, Luscomb noted that there was a lone holdout. Astronaut Jack, who hitched a ride on the Space Shuttle, was grounded by NASA, which has rules against selling items that have been shot into space.