Overall Billings Growth: Up 10.9% to $1.94 billion: (grade A)
Clients Lost: Northwest Airlines, Speedy Muffler, Del Taco: (grade C+)
New Clients: Pepsi/Lipton, Lipton Tea, KGF assignments, FTD, Mott’s Clairol Loving Care: (grade A)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 7.1% or $125 million: (grade A)
Creativity: JWT’s domestic reel continues to be stronger than most agencies’ of its size, while at the same time avoiding creativity for creativity’s sake: (grade B+)
Management Savvy: JWT probably has the best track record this year in exploiting relationships with long-time clients as a catalyst for growth: (grade A)
Teacher’s Comments: Biggest challenge will be to keep the focus that brought JWT success last year.
Overall Grade: A-
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