itsy-bitsy dot-com

Searching for the right phrase to promote their new Web sites, creatives with Musicland Stores’ in-house ad department came up with 26 ideas. The one they finally chose led them to
an animated spider named Dot.
The group created the spider as a way to link the World Wide Web (get it?) to the campaign’s tagline, “We got dot,” Appel said.
“If you can have a relationship with a spider, you will with this one,” assured Marcia Appel, the Minneapolis company’s senior vice president of advertising.
Dot (short for Dorothy, apparently) made her debut in a campaign last week, promoting the new Web site for Musicland’s Sam Goody chain. In national TV spots, the animated spider dances to music and performs acrobatics before falling into the “dot” position in “.com,” Appel said. –Aaron Baar