it’s a Travis-ty

Who is Travis Pastrana?

While not a household name, he is well-known among extreme-sports fans as the world champion motocrosser.

And, in fact, there’s a little bit of Pastrana in everyone, according to a new spot for Puma via Gyro in Philadelphia.

The spot introduces a new line of Pumas named after Pastrana, and features teens in situations that arise after motocrossing (which means riding a specially designed motorcycle on a closed course).

For example, one teen dangles from a bike that is hanging from a roof, while another is in a full-body cast. All the teens say, “I am Travis Pastrana.” A voiceover states, “There’s a little Pastrana in everyone.”

There is no tagline. “We don’t believe in taglines,” said Steven Grasse, CEO of Gyro.

Previous ads ran during the World Cup and featured an animated Cameroon soccer team, a team Puma sponsors.

“We were focusing heavily on brand anthem ads, like ‘The World of Puma.’ ” Grasse said. “Now we’re focusing more on spe cific product categories.”

The current spot, which targets 16- to 24-year-olds, broke late last month during the X Games in Philadelphia. It rolls out nationally on cable on Sept. 19.