It’s Time for Marketing Teams to Ditch the Resume and Focus on Skills

The best way to address gaps within organizations

a man works at his desk, sifting through resumes; a line of people form behind his desk
Hiring is focusing more on job-ready skills than resumes. Getty Images

At first glance, the marketing industry appears strong as ever heading into 2019. Digital marketing roles have doubled in 2012, and ad agency jobs are nearing an all-time high for the first time in nearly 20 years. But despite the industry’s robust overall position, in-house marketing divisions and ad agencies are still grappling with the challenges of building a team that possesses the combination of traditional and digital skills needed to thrive in today’s media landscape. That’s why a new generation of marketing leaders are adopting universal standards to change the way their teams assess and hire prospective employees, and their competitors would be wise to follow suit.

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@kizluke Kieran Luke is the general manager of assessments and credentials at General Assembly.