Ever wish to make money while sitting on the bowl? How about while eating Cheetos? Well, those desires may be realized in Dweck!’s new print campaign for, a new online service that claims it will get your online store running in five minutes–for free.
The two-page color ads, which broke in such magazines as Wired and The Industry Standard this month, depict a stout man leaning back in his chair and eating from a bag of Cheetos. Above his head is the line, “Just made $12,510 selling Buns of Steel videos.”
Two more spreads will launch in May, including one showing a man making money while sitting in a bathroom stall, as well as TV spots in June.
The ad for the Miami client, whose account is worth $5-10 million, was a collaborative effort by the creative team at Dweck!, New York.
“The brief is, ‘We do shipping, inventory, credit-card processing, customer service. What do you do?’ ” said Dweck! president Michael Dweck.
AddAshop provides books, movies and videos for anyone who wants to start an online store.
Dweck said that at the Internet Commerce Expo in Boston on March 27, addAshop will set up a booth with a seated actor eating Cheetos. Above him will be a board counting his money.
–Bill Jensen