Overcash & Moore has a new name, sort of, and a new direct mail piece that touts some of the ch-ch-ch-changes at the Raleigh, N.C., agency.

Prospects have begun receiving a compact disc holder from the agency. There’s no cd inside, but there are some spiffy liner notes about the agency’s past, present and future. To wit: the shop maintains (tongue-in-cheek) that it started as Overcash & Best, which created ads for free drinks and sub sandwiches. Business looked up, however, when Overcash canned ‘journeyman drummer’ Pete Best.

The balance of the copy is a bit more serious, as it gets further into selling the agency. Those impressed by the direct mail piece are encouraged to call the agency’s creative director (cd, get it?), Bill Cokas.

And then there’s the matter of the agency’s name. With the departure of Jim Moore a year ago, the shop wanted a change, opting to alter its moniker a bit to ‘Overcash and more.’

No doubt the reviews will start appearing in the coming months.

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