It’s Fry For Orlando Cable TV

Time Warner Communications, a cable provider in Orlando, Fla., signed Fry/Hammond/Barr as agency of record for its $2-3 million ad account.
The Orlando shop is said to have defeated local rival Cramer-Krasselt.
Time Warner Communications, part of Time Warner Entertainment in New York, “wanted to consolidate and have a full-service firm,” said Fry/Hammond/Barr (F/H/B) executive vice president Pete Barr Jr. The account had been split between two undisclosed Florida agencies.
Steve Stiger, client vice president of marketing, did not return calls.
F/H/B is charged with helping Time Warner retain and acquire new cable subscribers, as well as building the client’s image, Barr said. The agency launched an acquisition campaign last week via television, radio, print and direct mail. The effort will run through early summer.
“Nickelodeon upstairs. ESPN on the patio. And every evening, it’s HBO in the living room,” reads the copy in one print ad, which goes on to tout 50 percent off installation and free standard cable on each additional TV. Tagline: “Let’s connect.” The visual shows a man standing behind three stacked televisions, each tuned to various programs that substitute for human body parts; instead of his feet, Fred Flintstone’s cartoon toes are shown.
Like Cramer-Krasselt, F/H/B’s growth has compelled the shop to expand (see story on page 5). In June the agency will move some of its 35 staffers into an additional 2,500 square feet of office space. The agency reported 1997 billings of $42 million, up 66 percent over 1996.