It’s All Up to 20th Century Fox’s S.E. Movie Mogul

Fahlgren, Moroch & Associates and Allied Advertising are all pursuing 20th Century Fox’s Southeast publicity and promotions business, but the winner ultimately will be decided by one factor: who makes Linda Crane an offer she can’t refuse.
“The business doesn’t go to them,” said Crane, Fox’s Atlanta-based promotions manager for the last 25 years. “I take the business where I want it to go.”
Fox, the last of the major Hollywood movie studios operating in the region, will shut its doors in July. Its $4 million promotional budget will be placed at one of the Atlanta offices of the three competing shops.
Each of the contenders has a piece of either the national or regional Fox promotional pie. In the Southeast, Fahlgren handles about 95 percent of the print placements for Atlanta, Nashville, Tenn, a number of major Florida cities, as well as some radio work.
Moroch & Associates, based in Dallas, covers New Orleans; Mobile, Ala.; Little Rock, Ark.; and Memphis, Tenn. Allied Advertising does Fox promotions in the Boston area.
J. Walter Thompson, the studio’s national agency, handles the majority of radio promotions.
“We’re all good Fox agencies,” said Buff Parnham, managing director of Fahlgren’s entertainment group.
According to Crane, Wendy Lightbourne, Fox’s Los Angeles- based vice president of field operations, gave her a number of career and outsourcing options. Among the choices: opening her own company to manage the account; signing on with an agency; appointing an agency; and relocating to California to round out her career.
Agency sources said Crane has neither held reviews nor made demands, but clearly has been entertaining job offers.
“Right now, I’ve made no decisions,” said Crane.” I’m still considering my options.” K