It Lives, I Tell You!

Cliff Freeman and Partners has not eased up on the out-there humor for online computer retailer
The agency’s first campaign for the client featured memorable but sadistic images of gerbils as cannon fodder and toddlers being tattooed. Those ads sported the tag, “The cool place to buy cool stuff on the Internet.”
The new work has the feel of the low-budget horror flicks that once lurked beneath Hollywood’s Golden Era, complete with bad lighting, over-the-top acting and dismal special effects.
The first of three spots, which breaks today, opens on the lab of a mad scientist who is about to imbue his creation, “Rhinoman,” with life. The horned humanoid springs from the operating table only to run into a wall. “Your computer didn’t have enough memory,” his female assistant says.
“I checked with”
A second spot (shown here) features military boffins wrestling with a mutant octopus that they can’t analyze because their computer printers are incompatible.
The campaign has a new tagline: “Hardware. Software. Answers.”
–Kathleen Sampey