IQ News: Web Site Offers GIF Goodies

A new Web site from online tech network Andover.Net is helping Web publishers and advertisers craft online goodies such as 3D text banners and animated GIFs. The service,, launches today featuring a suite of free-to-user Internet-based applications.
Various “e-tools” give Web designers and IT professionals the ability to edit and optimize their creations through a re-sizing and re-coloring function, as well as provide a library of graphics and fonts.
Bruce Twickler, president and CEO of the Acton, Mass.-based Andover.Net, said GIFWorks illustrates the evolution from working on the local computer desktop to the virtual “Webtop” workspace, in which e-workers access tools online. Thus, there is no download or installation time. The interface of the product is similar to a Windows application. and its online applications will be entirely advertiser supported. Twickler said that due to the “in-browser” nature of the GIFWorks e-tools, companies that advertise on the site will benefit from the captive attention of users for sustained periods of time. At-launch advertisers include Lotus, IBM and Intel.
While the current suite of e-tools focuses on Web designers and publishers, Twickler said that future e-tools will be geared toward a variety of markets.
–Kipp Cheng