IQ News: Unicast Superstitials To Drive Miller Online Spots

Miller Brewing Company has added Unicast Superstitials to its Miller Lite “Get The Goods” online promotion running since May. A total of eight Superstitial commercials bound for sites such as CBS Sportsline,, Maxim Online, and CNN/Sports Illustrated will run through the summer, driving customers to, the Milwaukee-based company’s auction site.
The “Get The Goods” Superstitials are done in Miller Lite logo colors blue, red and yellow. They feature oscillating messages hinting at items up for bid and close with a tocsin in receding text: “Going, Going, Gone.”
“We are using them for 50 to 60 percent of our total online support for this promotion,” said Scott Bussen, marketing communications manager for Miller Lite. “We wanted something integrated and consistent overall not only with how we’ve been supporting the promotion in other forms of advertising and merchandising, but with the Miller Lite image right now in terms of the colors and look,” he said.
Miller’s in-house design team collaborated on the Superstitial design with San Francisco-based interactive agency Red Sky, and Chicago-based Starcom IP, who coordinated the Superstitial campaign and media buy. The promotional concept was from St. Louis-based agency Zipatoni. “They came up with the idea, and from there it’s been a collaboration of several in-house groups, as well as Red Sky, Unicast and others jumping in to support it,” said Bussen.
Some of the offerings include trips to next year’s Superbowl, an opportunity to be an honorary pit crew member at a Nascar race for Rusty Wallace and a race car driven by Bobby Rahal in the 1996 season. “It’s the actual car minus the engine,” said Bussen. He added that in a couple of weeks, the site will offer a sortie to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. “We anticipate that will get a lot of interest.”