IQ News: Pop2it Puts Commerce In Context for Sites

A new technology from puts e-commerce in context. The San Jose, Calif.-based company’s proprietary technology embeds “Shoplets” and “Pop-Ins” into Web pages, so users can click on a word, such as “shoe,” and buy immediately from a pop-up window that doesn’t take them off the page.
“We call it point-of-interest purchase,” said vice president of marketing Paula Cappello. Pop2it lines up merchants and gathers their products into themed categories, called Shoplets. (The service is launching today with pets, food and health categories.) A Web publisher uses Pop2it’s Web-based authoring tools to place the Shoplets of choice within a site.
Shoplet links show up underlined and with contrasting color; they also feature an icon. When the user clicks through, a small screen pops up. It has the look and feel of the publisher’s site, but it’s built and hosted by Pop2it. The user can browse and complete transactions within the screen. Pop2it says its technology can be used the same way within banner advertising.
Pop2it services are paid for on a straight performance model, with revenues from transactions shared by the merchant, the Web publisher and Pop2it. Web publishers can sign on for the program by applying on the company’s Web site; unlike other affiliate programs, partner sites are vetted and must be approved before they can use the technology.