IQ News: Hungry For Revenue, Feed Ready To Feast On Advertiser Dollars

One of Silicon Alley’s earliest Web ‘zines, Feed, is heightening its appetite for ads.
The online magazine, located at, is refashioning itself in the coming weeks as a more viable advertising outlet and business partner. As part of its initiative, Feed has hired its first vice president of advertising sales and business development, Kate Hartnick, who will join the company from a similar post at Nicholson NY.
The site’s redesign, by New York-based Plumb Design, channels Feed into four syndication-friendly areas: Media and Culture, Technology, a discussion area called The Loop and Classic Feed that can be disseminated to other sites. “It [would now be] easier to work with a big search engine,” said Stefanie Syman, Feed co-founder. “Our taxonomy now fits with theirs. If they were to link to us, it’s a more obvious and cleaner route to the editorial.”
The zine has already signed a monthly syndication partnership with IDG’s print magazine The Industry Standard, which will run edited conversations about technology from Feed dialogues.
The only marketing Feed had done previously were banner swaps with HotWired and Nerve, and some advertising on Yahoo. Feed has phased out its relationship with Wired News to run the New York bureau for the online technology news service.
Co-founder Steve Johnson said Feed is also looking at potentially deriving revenue from creating subscriber-only areas.
Feed launched in May 1995, and quickly became a favorite of the literati/digerati set. Prior to Hartnick’s appointment, ad sales were handled through San Francisco-based Cybereps and Johnson and Syman. “When we met with media planners, Feed [was viewed as] a great property with influences advertisers want,” Johnson said. “With someone working full time, we should be able to do well.”
IBM,, Slate,, Tanqueray,, HotWired and J.Crew have all advertised on Feed in the past.
Privately funded, the site is in the process of closing another round of investment totalling close to $250,000.