IQ News: Home Network Becoming Where It's At For Rich Media

The Home Network, Redwood City, Calif., will announce several new advertising deals this week. As part of a “rich media” initiative, orchestrated by Susan Bratton, director of Home’s interactive advertising group, three automotive advertisers have recommitted to the cable broadband service: General Motors, Toyota and Acura. The three have tapped Home to run the broadband advertising campaigns, which combine TV-like production quality with interactivity.
Bratton believes such advertising provides greater consumer awareness than traditional banners and provides users with a point-of-purchase mechanism. “Rich media are new ad models,” she said. Within rich media ads, consumers can choose the color of a car, request a video or brochure, enter their phone number to connect to a car dealer or set up a test drive.
General Motors has signed a contract with Home for Buick, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile. Toyota’s ad lets users view the 1999 Camry Solara from different views and request information for the car. Acura is placing ads on Home for the Acura TL to show the car’s features and offer users additional information through a link to Acura’s site.
Also this week, in a separate rich media effort, Home will unveil new ads as part of the co-sponsored Home-Intel Rich Media Project for AT&T, Intel, Dockers and Bank of America, among others, at Fall Internet World in New York. The ads will be tested for user recall and attitudes toward the ads.
Home has also entered into a sponsorship deal with Hearst New Media and Technology’s HomeArts network during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.