IQ News: Hearst HomeArts To Launch Shopping Area

Hearst New Media and Technology’s HomeArts Network ( will rename its marketplace area on the week of Nov. 17. The expanded channel, called “Go Shopping,” marks a revamping of commerce efforts on the HomeArts Network.
Go Shopping will be the tenth channel on the site, following such offerings as Eats, KissNet and Money Minded, about food, relationships and finance, respectively. The HomeArts audience is predominantly female, 70 percent married, with a median age of 37 and a median income of $58,000.
The new shopping channel will integrate commerce into relevant content areas. Crabtree & Evelyn; Good Housekeeping cookbooks; PC Flowers, an online flower sales service;, an educational software company; and Garden Escape, an online gardening supplies store, are among the vendors whose wares will be sold on Go Shopping.
In addition, J. Crew, gardening company Burpee and Colonial Garden Kitchen will offer their catalogs on the channel. Select Source, R.R. Donnelley’s electronic commerce technology, is managing the sale of goods from those catalogs. Hearst New Media is also in discussions with online booksellers, and Improvenet, an online decorating company, about appearing on the channel. HomeArts decided not to enter the competitive online travel category, according to Marty Chavkin, director of marketing at the Hearst division.
Chavkin said online commerce is an important revenue stream for Hearst but is still not as important as advertising. “We see it as a secondary revenue source,” he said. “Advertising is clearly what we are all about. We’d like to see commerce grow to be 5 to 10 percent of revenue, but I don’t see that happening next year.”