IQ news: Flycast Lets Web Sort ‘Em Out

Leveraging its real-time ad-serving capabilities, San Francisco-based ad network Flycast today launches Flycast AdLab, a formal test process that lets agencies and advertisers pit different banner executions against each other.
“We’ve always focused on response-oriented advertising,” Flycast’s vice president of marketing Lyn Chitow Oakes pointed out. “The majority of advertisers who are interested in ROI follow direct marketing principles, which is to test, test and test [again]. The AdLab program allows them to mirror the same principals they use offline, to continually test and add value to their campaigns.”
AdLab gives advertisers a standardized process and report, the Fly Index, so that tests run at different times can be compared against each other.
Two test programs are available across the 900 sites in the Flycast network: a run-of-network option, priced at $1,000 per banner, shows how well each banner performs in each of the 25 site categories in the network; and a category-specific option for a price of $2,000 per banner.
The typical Flycast test bed is 250 clicks total, regardless of how many impressions that takes. Flycast reports its reach as 37 percent of the Web audience, and says the demographics of users of the network’s sites closely matches that of the Web as a whole.-Susan Kuchinska