IQ News: FileFlow Launches Media Compression Service

Milford, Mass.-based FileFlow, a server-based application service provider for text and image compression, today unveiled final versions of its FastSend and FastStore products, following beta testing by advertising agencies J. Walter Thompson of New York, Leo Burnett of Chicago and Tokyo-based Dentsu.
FileFlow CEO Nils-Johan Pedersen said FastSend’s proprietary Fast Image Transfer technology produces files two- to 10-times smaller than a JPEG and enables the secure transmission of documents from 60- to 200-times faster than traditional FTP or e-mail. “An uncompressed 1 megabyte file takes 146 seconds to upload at 56K. The same file as a 150K JPEG takes 18 seconds. FastSend compresses the file to 20K and upload takes 2 seconds.”
Pedersen added that image distortion is minimal even after multiple compressions, and that files of any type or size can be delivered from computer, digital camera or hand-held device using a standard modem. “That means you can use it anywhere in the world, and don’t need a dedicated ISDN or DSL line.” Security is ensured by 2,048 bit encryption, rather than the current standard of 54 bits. “We offer military-grade document security,” Pedersen claimed.
FileStore is the company’s off-site archiving and access service for compressed digital media, using FastSend for rapid up- and downloading. It allows customers with a password and user ID to send files from the server to recipients.
“So far we are quite happy,” said Mette Jensen of Leo Burnett’s Oslo, Norway bureau. “It is easy to log onto the Web with FastSend and faster than FTP or e-mail,” she says. “We have tested the solution on high-quality images, and have been pleased.” Jensen said Burnett plans to complete the trial within two weeks, following trials on Mac-based platforms.
FileFlow’s fee for use will be based either on an ASP model featuring a monthly charge plus a charge per megabyte transmitted or a charge per transmission plus 1.5 to 2 cents per megabyte with no monthly fee.