IQ News: @deadline

Lopez on Emazing
E-mail publishing company Emazing today unveiled an exclusive lineup of virtual postcards featuring pop star Jennifer Lopez. Louisville, Ky.-based Emazing, a part of the Sony Music network of Web sites, will offer 24 Lopez-themed e-greetings, which feature photos, embedded music samples and room for fans to include personal messages.

Incanta Music Debuts
Incanta, an Atlanta-based broadband technology entertainment company, today launched its first product, a customizable radio station for users with high-speed Internet connections. According to Dan Israel, vice president of marketing at Incanta, the company’s services allow partnering ISPs to target rich media advertising through a proprietary profiling system that also tailors delivery of content based on user behavior.

New Service @Home
Redwood City, Calif.-based broadband technology company Excite@Home today introduced @Home 2000, an Internet service that combines high-speed access from @Home with new, customizable Excite rich media content. The service bundles high-speed access–an “always-on” Internet connection–with a software package optimized for broadband and lets users personalize their Excite broadband content experience.

DoubleClick Adds Search
New York-based ad network DoubleClick today added the DoubleClick Search category to its business network. The new channel consists of search engines and Web sites that contribute keyword inventory to a common pool, allowing advertisers to reach users based on search keywords.