IQ News: Deadline

Gamers Ready to Play
At Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Atlanta last week, the multiplayer online gaming category was again flexing its muscles. Electronic Arts, San Mateo, Calif., will launch a new multi-player site June 30 for four new Jane’s Combat Simulations titles. Mpath Interactive, Mountain View, Calif., intends to add age- and sex-targeted advertising capabilities to its gamer site,, within the next two months.

What Lawsuit?
Steve Ballmer, executive vice president of Microsoft, Redmond, Wash., last week deflected questions about the Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against the company at the Harvard Conference on Internet & Society. “I don’t focus on the lawsuit,” Ballmer said. “My focus is on customers and how we need to enhance our products.” Microsoft spends an annual $2.6 billion researching the Internet.

Hot Shops Get Wired
Wired Digital this week will launch a commerce service, HotBot Shopping Directory. Developed by Junglee Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif., the directory, a spinoff of Wired Digital’s Hotbot search service, debuts with merchants including: Gap Online, San Francisco, Kodak, Rochester, N.Y., and, New York. The ad rate will average $50 per thousand impressions.