IQ News: @deadline

Netpulse Sponsorships
Netpulse Communications, a media network company that targets consumers through Internet-enabled exercise equipment, has inked sponsorship agreements with, Venus Sports and the Hollywood Stock Exchange., a customized beauty site, will be a sponsor of the Netpulse Lifestyle Channel; the as-yet unlaunched Venus Sports, an Internet source of products and guidance for female athletes, will sponsor the Netpulse E-mail Channel; and the Hollywood Stock, an online exchange for buying and selling publicly-traded movies, stars and musical artists, will be a sponsor of the Entertainment Channel.

Atlantic Rec Inks Deal
Houston, Texas-based, a jewelry e-tailer, today announced a strategic partnership with recording company The Atlantic Group, New York. Under the terms of the agreement, will partner with Atlantic Records in a broad range of lifestyle and music marketing activities. Additionally, both companies will have featured representation on, and provide links to, each another’s Web sites.

PrePub Goes Inside, a New York-based online entertainment and media news service set to launch this spring, purchased, a publishing industry news service, from literary agent Noah Lukeman. Powerful Media, which is developing, said PrePub will lay the foundation for “Book Tracker,” a site within that will be devoted to following the progress of books from purchase through publication and film rights