IQ News: deadline

Lycos-USA Engagement Off
Resistance from Lycos Network stockholders is being blamed for Lycos and USA Networks calling off their proposed $18 billion merger. Despite the breakup, Lycos will receive on-air promotion on USA’s media assets, including the USA and Sci-Fi channels, and Lycos will be branded on USA’s Ticketmaster ticket envelopes. Lycos will also host exclusive Ticketmaster content on its site.

LinkExchange Links to Excite
Customers of San Francisco-based LinkExchange’s Ad Store promotion service will be able to purchase keyword-targeted ads on Redwood City, Calif.-based Excite’s search area. Ad Store’s Web site promotion service includes ListBot, an e-mail management application that collects e-mail addresses and demographics from visitors opting to join a site’s mailing list.

Privacy Remains a Priority
A survey of 360 Web sites conducted for the Federal Trade Commission by Georgetown University business professor Mary Culnan found that 66 percent of sites surveyed now post privacy statements, compared with 14 percent last year. FTC Chairman Robert Pitofsky said the FTC will send a report to Congress in the near future that will include a qualitative analysis of whether the privacy notices found in the survey provide enough information for consumers. The report will also examine whether adequate enforcement mechanisms exist to guarantee that Web sites will honor their privacy policies. Despite the surge in sites that post privacy policies, Congress is still expected to pursue privacy legislation… Separately, privacy posting tool Privacy Wizard, developed by Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft and Washington, D.C.-based privacy advocacy group TRUSTe, was made available to the public.