IQ News: Cybergold and Inference Launch Cash2Register

Cybergold members, who earn cash for shopping online or for poking around sites, as of tomorrow get another incentive program to choose from. Launched with technology firm Inference, the new Cash2Register program allows users to earn cash by filling out product registrations online, rather than leaving dirt-world product registration cards sitting in dusty drawers.
Manufacturers can tag registration cards with their Web address and the offer. After users fill the form out online, they are asked to open a Cybergold account to which their incentive cash is credited; for its part, Oakland, Calif.-based Cybergold gets information to add to its 3 million-strong member base.
Technology from Novato, Calif.-based Inference sends the data back to the manufacturer and provides tools to analyze the data as well as to develop and later analyze one-to-one marketing campaigns based on that data.
Inference works with manufacturers such as Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard and General Electric providing technology and customer support. With its manufacturer ties, Inference can act as a sales force for the Cash2Register program, said Nobby Akiha, vice president of acquisitions and strategic business development for Inference.
“It’s conceptually very similar to what we have done before,” said Cybergold CEO Nat Goldhaber of Cash2Register. However the program, he adds, appeals to a different constituency, and incorporates a method that they haven’t used before. While he expects some overlap from existing Cybergold members, “hopefully there will be a lot of folks that find out about Cybergold because of this.”