IQ News: Connect for Kids Gets A New Name, New Home

The Washington, D.C.-based non-profit advocacy group The Benton Foundation tomorrow will relaunch its Web site about children’s issues targeted toward adults. Formerly known as, the redesigned site will also have a new name and new Web address; it is now called Connect for Kids, located at
The site functions as an online repository where adults can find parental guidance resources and informational links related to children’s issues. In addition to the site relaunch, the Benton Foundation has partnered with the Advertising Council, New York, to create a series of humorous on-air public service announcements aimed at driving traffic and helping adults who want to find ways to educate themselves on how to better children’s lives.
“Out in mass media, children’s issues are not at the forefront,” said Paula Antonovich, communications manager for the apolitical foundation. “Adults have a responsibility to create community and [the site] is where they can come on and get the information and resources they need.”
The original Kids Campaign Web site was launched three years ago by the Benton Foundation and logged over 1 million hits per month, with links to more than 1,200 children’s issues sites and 1,500 organizations nationwide. Foundation executive director Larry Kirkman decided to utilize the Web as a fulfillment vehicle for the Ad Council’s 10-year initiative devoted to helping American kids, of which Connect for Kids is a part.
Antonovich believes Connect for Kids will become a resource for adults wanting to reach out in their communities, whether or not they have children. The Benton Foundation also provides printed versions of its online resources, which include original news features of interest to families.
“We’re really the only non-profit Web site that tries to integrate resources surrounding children’s issues both on and off the Web,” she said.