IQ News: Candidate Elects for Banner Blitz

In what could be a harbinger of political strategies to come, Evan Davis, a Democratic candidate for New York state attorney general, has launched a Web site banner ad campaign.
Created by Kaufman Patricof Enterprises and distributed by DoubleClick, both of New York, the first of a series of ads began running Tuesday and should garner 250,000 impressions during the next month. It reads: “A candidate who will not accept corporate contributions . . . Evan Davis for Attorney General,” and links to Davis’ Web site, which focuses on the issue of campaign finance reform.
More than just a casual surfer, Davis and his wife used the Internet to arrange the adoption of their daughter from China. He said the Web was a natural platform for his campaign.
“It’s a tremendously active medium, plus it’s a personal medium,” Davis commented last week. “It speaks to people very directly, and I think the fact that I’m approaching Internet users through the Internet will be viewed by them as a reason to vote for me.”
The banner will run on targeted sites in DoubleClick’s network, including and DoubleClick CEO Kevin O’Connor predicted that more political campaigns will be advertising online. “I think next time around it’s going to be big,” O’Connor said of November’s election. “I’m excited about trying something new on the Internet.”
This is the first political banner effort created by KPE, a unit of New York-based Grey Advertising which developed the Web site for the ’96 Clinton/Gore campaign –Adrienne Man