IQ News: Anteye Rolls Out Mobile Studio

Online film studio Anteye launched both its Web site and its first marketing campaign this past weekend, sending RVs with editing equipment and filmmaking instructors to six major cities in hopes of inculcating the next Blair Witch Project.
The Los Angeles-based company is sending the RVs to Madison, Wis.; Kansas City, Mo.; Austin, Texas; Atlanta; Toronto; and Seattle. Anteye hopes to help wannabe filmmakers create videos to be shown on the site (, envisioned as an incubator for video development.
“We’ll budget up to $100,000 apiece and work with the best submission from each city to produce a pilot or short film,” said Matti Lesham, the company’s CEO. The mobile-studio campaign, which focuses on youth-oriented locations such as colleges and coffeehouses, ends April 15.
Anteye aims to find new programming which can be marketed to traditional and non-traditional distribution outlets such as television, film, Internet and broadband markets.
In addition to a revenue split with video creators, Anteye will also use advertising, sponsorships and merchandising on the site; licensing, production and syndication fees in the television market; and rights, acquisition and production fees in the film market.
Lesham describes his company as a community-driven online studio. “We’re turning viewers into creators and creators into viewers.”
The Anteye system works like this: When a film is first submitted, it will automatically go up on the site. Visitors will vote on the most popular videos, and creators of the top 20 in each channel will be eligible for pilot funding. So far, through word of mouth, the company has received 127 submissions.