IQ News: Acquisition Begets New Kana Software Offering

The new Kana 4 software product is being released today, the first by-product of the acquisition of San Mateo, Calif-based e-mail marketing software maker Connectify by e-marketing applications provider Kana Communications.
Kana 4 includes an upgraded release of the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Kana’s flagship product, Kana Response, which provides automated customer service, as well as two new products, Kana Commerce, a transaction-oriented series of applications, and Kana Connect, which embodies Connectify’s technology.
Kana CEO Michael McCloskey said Kana 4 is a full online communications system for current and future clients.
“The added functionality is very important for us,” said Lowell Knighton, project manager for Convergys of Cincinnati, a Kana client which beta-tested Kana 4. The company provides customer support for large corporate clients. “Savings vary by client,” he said, “but we’ve seen anywhere from a 50 percent to a 400 percent increase in efficiencies.”
Kana 4 is available either as a licensed application or through the service bureau model. Pricing starts at $5,000 a month for Kana Online or $50,000 for the software package.
The Connectify acquisition took only a few months, according to former Connectify president Joseph Ansanelli, now vice president of marketing for Kana. “We had referred customers to each other and did some co-marketing, and it made a lot of sense to bring the companies together.” Kana paid 15 percent of its stock to Connectify, and all Connectify employees are now on staff at Kana.