Internet Bank Ad Campaign Has Appeal

NEW YORK–Internet bank Smile is launching an ad campaign that puts a new twist on the term ‘bananas,’ which in some circles is slang for money. The U.K.-based financial firm is placing stickers that carry the bank’s logo and the words ‘Top Banana’ on fruit sold in supermarkets because it hopes its customers will save bananas with Smile while they eat bananas.

“Advertising on fruit isn’t really what you’d expect from a bank,” said Bob Head, chief executive of “But Britons eat more than five billion bananas each year and we thought it was the perfect way to advertise our message.”

The campaign, from British ad agency Farm Communications, was designed to attract both regular and new consumers of the two-year-old full-service on-line site. “The consumer sees the advert whilst eating the banana and it does not irritate the purchaser because the peel is thrown away when the banana is finished,” said Paul Jeffrey, a partner at Farm Communications.

Smile bananas will be stores beginning in September.