Insight “Kentuckyo”

Combine the humorlessness of typical business-oriented advertising with the humorlessness of typical communications-technology advertising and there can be such a critical mass of humorlessness that viewers might go the rest of the month without smiling. As such, it’s refreshing to see the lighter touch taken by this spot for Insight Communications, a provider of communications services — including a dedicated fiber-optic network that will let businesses in Kentucky do a global teleconference like the one seen here. Created by the Darling Agency of New York, the vignette gets decent mileage out of the Tokyo participants’ insistence on referring to Kentucky as “Kentuckyo.” This mild mix-up gives the spot some of the flavor of real life, which is the element most conspicuously missing from so much advertising for business services. At the same time, viewers will take the point that Insight’s network enables companies in its service area to become global players — a welcome sales point for executives who may feel their part of the country is often regarded as a backwater. And the vignette provides a good lead-in to the tagline’s positioning of Insight as “The fiber of business.” –Mark Dolliver

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