Ingalls Chops Pricing Message

Appealing to consumers who appreciate fine cuisine, Ingalls has launched its first branding effort for the Price Chopper supermarket chain.
A pair of 30-second TV spots carry the tagline, “For people who love good food,” which replaces “We save you more.”
One ad, set at a family dinner table, finds dad unperturbed upon learning that his son has been kicked out of school and his wife has squandered their savings. The delicious dinner simply make his cares melt away.
In a second spot, a man attempting to reach a container of flour is crushed beneath a refrigerator. His wife is relieved to find that the tuna casserole is unharmed.
“They wanted to make the brand mean more” and make more of an emotional appeal to young families who aren’t so concerned with low prices, said Ingalls creative director Rob Rich.
“Our pricing message is inherent in our name,” said Joanne Gage, vice president of consumer and marketing services at Price Chopper. The new ads are an attempt to turn up the heat on regional competitors such as Shaw’s and Stop & Shop, she said.
Ingalls also created radio and outdoor executions. Ads will run for the next few months throughout upstate New York and northern New England.
Spending was not disclosed. The Schenectady, N.Y.-based chain spent about $3 million on advertising in 1998, per Competitive Media Reporting.