Infographic: Real-Time Sharing of Obama and Romney Ads Up to Election Day

Unruly Media tracks viral path of election videos on Twitter, Facebook, blogs

"If you're sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me, so am I."

Barack Obama acknowledged, in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, that the "avalanche" of presidential campaign ads can quickly become numbing, or worse. And we're only going to see more of it in the coming weeks.

Still, as fatigued as they may be, American voters are still sharing Obama and Mitt Romney's ads across the Internet at a furious rate—millions of shares per week—on blogs, as well as through Twitter and Facebook.

To see whose ads—and which ones—are getting the most viral traction, Unruly Media has put together a handy dynamic infographic (posted below) that tracks videos from the official Obama and Romney campaigns, as well as the 12 Super-PACs that are most active in this year's contest.

The infographic, which will update twice a day until Election Day, tracks total shares across social media, as well as views and comments on YouTube—and shows the 10 most-shared clips for each candidate over the past seven days. So far, Obama leads Romney more than two to one in YouTube views, and more than three to two in total shares. The only tally where Romney leads is in YouTube comments, which indicates that his videos are the subject of more debate.

The candidates may not officially approve this infographic, but if you mouse over their faces, they'll give you a little smile anyway.