Infographic: The Marriage of Tech and Entertainment, and How Marketers Can Capitalize

Where to focus efforts and how impactful they’ll be

Anyone who lived through the late 1990s knows the marriage of entertainment and technology wasn't always a seamless union—from hours-long Napster downloads to low-res video that took a relative eternity to buffer. Now that tech and entertainment are practically inseparable, marketers have endless opportunities to get in on the action. A new study by LOLA MullenLowe sheds some insight on where they might want to concentrate. "By reframing your business in the context of 'entertechment' and the narrative of an entertainment experience, you become more relevant to a wider audience on more occasions and in turn have the power to maximize your efficiency and improve [ROI]," said Amaya Coronado, strategic planning head at the Madrid outpost of the global creative shop.

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