Indy Bank Says ‘First, We Ask’

First Indiana Bank breaks a new marketing position this week with TV spots from Young & Laramore in which the bank admits it often has more questions than answers.
“First, we ask,” is the tag of the campaign developed by the Indianapolis agency in an effort to show the client is listening to the needs of its customers.
“They had to get past wanting to appear all-knowing,” said Charlie Hopper, creative director on the campaign. “Any time a bank can be more human … you go for it.”
The first three spots in the campaign, which breaks in the Indianapolis market this week, target different segments of the bank’s audience. Activities in a small warehouse are shown against a voiceover that says, “We don’t know where you want your business to grow.” Supers flash various bank services such as “equipment financing.” The lead-in to the tag is, “We’ll never know, unless we take the time to understand your business.”
Two other spots focus on personal checking and long-term investments. The campaign and marketing direction is aimed not only at consumers but at the bank’s employees, Hopper said.
“The employees are encouraged to find out more about clients,” Hopper said. K

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