Imbibe Some Data on Immoderation

Young men remain alcohol marketers’ most overenthusiastic clients, judging by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Analyzing data for the first three-quarters of 2007, it found 40 percent of men age 18-24 saying they’ve had five drinks or more in a single day at least once during the past year. Women that age were no slouches, either, as 24 percent reported at least one five-drink binge during that period.

The numbers are slightly lower for 25-44-year-olds (38 percent of men, 18 percent of women) and much lower for those age 45-64 (23 percent of men, 8 percent of women). Among those 65 and older, just 8 percent of men and 2 percent of women confessed to a five-drink day in the past year. No wonder we so seldom see older folks in drinks ads.

The number of adults reporting a five-drink binge in the prior year has been highly consistent over the past decade, never falling below 19 percent or rising above 20 percent.