I’Ll Be Washing You

The ink is still fresh on his $7 million tour sponsorship and spot deal with Compaq Computer. But could Sting already have second thoughts about this brand new endeavor?
In his latest video, for the song “Brand New Day,” Sting appears as a gossamer, messianic figure hovering above huddled worshippers and preaching on love: “Turn the clock to zero, honey/I’ll sell all the stock and spend the money/We’re starting up a brand new day.”
He lifts a glowing orb that suddenly transforms into a bottle of laundry detergent, and the tableau quickly becomes a bad commercial. Is there a message in the bottle?
“No, Sting never really mentioned or referred to [Compaq],” says clip director Jan Houllevigue of New York Office in New York, who says he conceived the video idea, which is intended to show that Sting does not always take himself seriously. “I’m not saying advertising is bad.
It’s just that you should beware of false preachers, of the people who tell you to ‘be all that you can be.’
–Richard Linnett