If You Film It, They Will Come

It may have been the biggest thing to happen in Sac City, Iowa, (pop. 2,600) since the discovery that corn kernels explode when heated but remain oddly appetizing.
Sac County produces 4 million pounds of popping corn a year. It’s the self-styled Popcorn Capital of the World, and last week many of Sac City’s residents accepted the opportunity to audition for an upcoming commercial–via Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor in New York–for fast-food chain Long John Silver’s new Popcorn Munchers product.
Mayor Glen Duncan signed a proclamation “stoppin’ the poppin’ ” for 24 hours as Sac City enjoyed Popcorn Munchers Day. Long John Silver’s threw a party, hosted by professional personality Larry “Bud” Melman, and company chief executive officer John Cranor presented the town with a check to cover new playground equipment.
Still, there was some debate as to whether this event was bigger than the time in 1995 the town built the world’s largest popcorn ball (2,225 pounds), earning it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. –Scott Hume