Iconologic Wraps Olympic Web Work

ATLANTA Iconologic has completed its Web site redesign assignment for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, the firm said.

The Atlanta design studio has been working with the Athens Olympic Organizing Committee’s Internet and interactive media department to redefine the site’s content, design and functionality.

“Our goal is to ensure that in every way, and for every user, the new Athens 2004 site delivers on the promise of creating the definitive Olympic Games Web site,” said Brad Copeland, president of Iconologic.

The shop was retained last spring to work with the organizing committee’s internal design team.

“Our job was to do a strategic analysis of the existing site and to create a look for the new site that was in keeping with and consistent with the established look of the games,” said Iconologic partner Ben Friedman. “The important thing to communicate is that there is a look to the games and to apply those assets to the Web.”

Visual assets include pictograms and what Friedman called a “panorama” of elements surrounding Greece’s national colors, blue and white.

Iconologic has a history of Olympic-related design work that dates to 1988, said Friedman. The design firm has worked with Atlanta, Istanbul, Stockholm and Klagenfurt, Austria, to create presentation materials for those cities’ Olympic bids. It also works with the International Olympic Committee directing the “Look of the Games” in Nagano, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and Torino, Italy, according to Friedman.