Hyundai Shares Some Quiet Time

NEW YORK Car brands these days seem to be asking drivers to do a lot of thinking. Saturn has been attempting to lure attention with the proposition to “rethink” just about everything (rethink American, rethink bling, rethink supersize) through the prism of the brand and the various Saturn models. Now, Hyundai unveils a campaign, the first branding effort from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, asking people to “Think about it.” The first spots to challenge industry conventions are 15-second teasers, and they are just mysterious enough to provoke awareness and initiate a jump online to, where TV viewers can learn more about the offerings. The spots are quiet, providing glimpses of a few seconds of a trip from inside the car. Raindrops streak a window as fields stream by to mellow music. Onscreen copy, punctuated by the sounds of a typing keyboard, asks, “Shouldn’t a car have more airbags than cup holders?” and points viewers to The Hyundai logo discreetly sits in the corner as a faint watermark. The ads are so subtle in tone they do pique interest and lead viewers to believe that Hyundai may just offer a better, safer, more humane driving experience. Now, if the rest of the campaign—and most critically, the car—delivers, we may get some satisfactory answers. And perhaps a new image of Hyundai.