Hyundai Passes Nike in U.S. World Cup Buzz

For the second straight week, Nike appears to be the most successful brand advertiser without actually being a sponsor of the event.
However, in the United States, where Nike had previously been the biggest Buzz improver, it seems as if it has pulled back on its “Write the Future” advertising efforts over the last week, and its Buzz scores have fallen off a bit, allowing Hyundai to take the top spot.
The biggest Buzz improvements since the start of the tournament have been in the U.K. and Germany, compared to the U.S. Those differences may become even more pronounced over the next week since the American team was eliminated last Saturday, a strong catalyst for viewer engagement in the U.S.
While Adidas, an official sponsor of the tournament, does rank among the top five brands for improved Buzz in both the U.S. and Germany, Nike has clearly overshadowed its rival thus far.
Sony has been the beneficiary of maximum Buzz score boosts across all three countries, making it the most successful official sponsor of the World Cup at this point, while Visa has done well to stay within the top three in both the U.S. and the U.K.
Emirates, whose logo can be seen clearly and frequently near the sidelines of World Cup soccer fields on TV broadcasts, has sustained moderate Buzz gains abroad, landing in the top five in the U.K. and being the largest Buzz improver in Germany.

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