Hunt Adkins Wins Bard’s Tale Beer

MINNEAPOLIS Bard’s Tale Beer has hired Hunt Adkins as its first lead agency following a review. Both shop and client are based in Minneapolis.

The agency’s first work for the client, consisting of overall branding, package design and a new Web site, will bow in March. The budget was not disclosed but is likely in the six-figure range.

Bard’s Tale Beer CEO Brian Kovalchuk said, “Hunt Adkins showed us both a proven track record and a disciplined approach to understanding our consumers. In addition, they provided an integrated solution to our needs at this stage of our development.”

Bard’s Tale brews gluten-free Dragon’s Gold, which at present is distributed in 23 states.

Added Hunt Adkins chief strategy officer Faith James: “Our strategic approach centered around the product’s multifaceted nature and the universal truths that, for the beer lover in all of us, beer is about football, baseball, pub crawls, parties, dancing and good times with friends.”

Other review contenders could not immediately be determined.

Independent Hunt Adkins is a full-service shop with billings of about $40 million. Clients include Schwan’s Home Service, Fujitsu Global Business Computing Systems and Guinness Atkinson Asset Management.