Huge Gains for Paid Search on Mobile in Europe

Advertising spend up 24% in Europe, click rates increase 11%

A report from Kenshoo reveals a 24 percent lift in advertising spend across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for this quarter. Click volume is also on the rise. The research, which analyzed more than 6,000 advertisers across EMEA, shows that search ad clicks were up by 11 percent from Q2 in 2013, and clickthrough rate has risen by 17 per cent. Kenshoo’s report also shows a correlating 23 percent boost in revenue.

As advertisers enjoy improved results from online campaigns, their confidence in the search market continues to soar, as does demand for ads and keywords. This greater demand has naturally escalated prices. 

Today’s marketers are well aware of mobile’s prevalence in the digital market, so it should come as no surprise that over 36 percent of search spend in the U.K. was focused on mobile ads in the second quarter. And the extra mobile investment is worthwhile: 38 percent of all paid search clicks in the U.K. originated from a mobile device. 

What’s driving this significant lift in mobile ad activity? Thorne attributes it partly to the simplicity of Google’s enhanced campaigns: “Since migration to enhanced campaigns, search advertisers no longer have to run separate campaigns targeting desktops, tablets and mobiles—all devices can be served with ads within the same campaign, making it much easier to target mobile devices.”


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