Huey/Paprocki Destroys (Model) Forest

ATLANTA Huey/Paprocki is creating print and direct mail efforts for the Sierra Club, the agency said.

The independent shop will present two concepts intended to help the San Francisco-based nonprofit’s Appalachian division stop the North Shore Road Project on Fontana Lake in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

“If they go through with the road, it will cut a swath through the largest tract of undisturbed wilderness land east of the Mississippi,” said Joe Paprocki, creative director at the Atlanta agency.

Both campaigns center around the image of a tacky tourist souvenir, said Paprocki. One poster shows a model snow globe etched with the words “Visit the Great Smoky Mountains,” but the replica contains a bulldozer mowing down trees. The other features a souvenir pen along the same lines. Copy for both reads, “The Smoky Mountains don’t need another road.”

“At first glance they look like Smoky Mountain souvenirs, then you realize they’re not,” said Paprocki. “The category has been tilled over so many times that our approach could not be a stereotyped forest being desecrated.”

The effort will be mailed to regional members of the Sierra Club in late August.