YouTube Videos Celebrating North Carolina Are Blank in Clever Protest of Anti-LGBT Law

McKinney campaign criticizes HB2

North Carolina's House Bill 2, which requires the state's residents to use public restrooms associated with their birth gender, is seeing plenty of backlash from the corporate and creative worlds, alike.

Last week, Durham-based agency McKinney launched FlushHB2, printing the so-called "bathroom bill" on toilet paper, and encouraging people to flush it—literally. In its new piece of anti-HB2 creative, McKinney is highlighting the corporate blows North Carolina has suffered as a result of the law.

McKinney is launching "Things 2 love about NC," a YouTube page which, at first glance, is dedicated to the great events and stories coming out of the state. However, none of the videos actually exist, thanks to HB2.

More than 120 CEOs of major corporations signed a letter calling for repeal of the law, and companies like Deutsche Bank and PayPal have cited HB2 as reasons for canceling expansion plans in the state. As a result of the law, the NCAA has threatened to pull future tournament games in North Carolina, and Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam are among the many artists who canceled concerts this summer in the state. So, in McKinney's YouTube spots, viewers trying to watch a video labeled, "Triple rainbow on my first day at PayPal Charlotte!" will find a blank screen, because PayPal, citing HB2, canceled its plans to bring 400 jobs to the state.

"We're stirring up some interesting conversation, between the toilet paper video and the stance we're taking," McKinney CEO Brad Brinegar told Adweek. "The reaction we've received so far has mostly been extremely positive, because we, along with the other companies involved, are on the right side of this issue and the right side of history."




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