How Do I Look?

Pretty much as a rule, agency people like to look dapper in their press photographs. Shoptalk, though, is more into people looking silly, which is why we like Howard Seidel so much.

Seth, as he’s known, a partner in San Francisco’s Seidel O’Neil & Partners, is no fan of the airbrushed hair, caked-on makeup and annoying perma-grin of your run-of-the-mill press pic. So, pioneer that he is, Seidel has begun a personal crusade to reclaim the art form.

“This is the photo I would like to use for all press,” Seidel jotted in a recent e-mail to Shop talk. Attached was a daunting file, Ugly Seth.jpg, that turned out to be the image at left—a photo, Seidel claims gleefully, that’s “the worst I have ever taken.”

Seidel’s activism is apparently born out of embarrassment caused by the staid photo Adweek usually runs of him and D.J. O’Neil—a shot Seidel says makes the two of them “look like geeks.” (Why’d you send it, then?)

Anyhow, we do agree this one’s a marked improvement.

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