How Can Agencies and Brands Improve Their Facebook Ads? Think Mobile First

Global marketing vp Carolyn Everson offers tips at 4A's

When it comes to creating attention-grabbing Facebook campaigns and video, many marketers have a long way to go, according to Carolyn Everson, vp of global marketing solutions at Facebook. Everson offered advice at the 4A's Transformation conference in Miami today for agencies and brands that want to create more engaging campaigns on Facebook.

Mobile should be at the forefront of every Facebook campaign, she said, and when it comes to video, seconds count. According to Everson, 100 million hours of video are consumed a day on Facebook, but most viewers watch videos for an average of just 1.7 seconds on mobile compared with 2.4 seconds on desktop. Moreover, 43 percent of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will stay for 10 seconds, and the majority of viewers who watch the first 10 seconds will stay for the full video.

"Consumers are in rapid consumption mode, so you have to get them to stop and pay attention," Everson said. "The consumer has moved to mobile, but I don't think the industry is planning creative in a way that's mobile first. We have to think about mobile as if it's 1955 and we're running the first TV ad."

Marketers also should use data to serve up more targeted, relevant ads on Facebook, she said. For example, Toyota's new 4Runner ads show the SUV in different outdoor sports scenarios—kayaking, running, biking—depending on the Facebook user's preferred activity.

A video campaign for Acura targeted 42 million people on Facebook who previously demonstrated an interest in Acura. If those users engaged with the video during an initial three-day period, Acura targeted them again with another set of videos that directed them to dealers' websites where they could sign up for a test drive. Acura logged a 9.3 percent increase in vehicle sales from the campaign, and Everson said other brands should similarly focus on measurable results in their Facebook efforts.

"You should only be spending on Facebook and Instagram if you're driving sales—period," she said. "Don't spend a dollar with us unless you're driving a business result."