Hotelier Taps Texas E-Partners

Slingshot has been awarded the interactive marketing account of Wyndham International.

Dotglu, the interactive arm of Wyndham’s general-market agency, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners in New York, previously handled all interactive work for the hotelier. Dotglu will still perform online strategic planning, but day-to-day creative and media duties have shifted to Slingshot, confirmed client vice president of marketing Craig Cunningham.

There was no review. Billings are estimated at $1-2 million, Cunningham said.

With the goal of better integrating its traditional and online communications, the Dallas client wanted an interactive partner closer to its marketing team, said client vice president of e-commerce Mike Wylie.

Wyndham chose the Dallas shop to handle online branding and e-marketing for its hotel division, which consists of 136 upscale properties.

Slingshot had been doing project work for Wyndham’s Web site prior to landing the larger account. It is charged with using interactive media to drive traffic to the client’s hotels. The shop’s efforts will begin in January.

Separately, Wyndham assigned the smaller interactive account of its resort division to Range Online Media in Fort Worth, Texas.